Welcome at the Somalicats of ArunaGuban

Aruna refers to the redness of the rising Sun, which is believed to have spiritual powers.
The Guban is a plain of Somalia (Somaliland). It is situated at the coast between Zeila and Berbera.

After a long research time of Somali history, genetics and a lot of pedigrees, the wish to own a Somali grew enormously and after another six month the concept of eventually breeding Somalis evolved. Therefore the cattery name ArunaGuban was TICA registered in 2007.
I am extremely grateful for all the advice and knowledge from different breeders I got during this process - special thanks to Birgit Kath and Hélèn Duncan. Our cooperations and discussions are appreciated and still developing further.
In our Somali cattery we try to breed first and foremost healthy cats with loving characters. We try to get breeding material from abroad, as Austrian breeding material is extremely limited. Our breeding cats are DNA-tested for bloodgroup, PRA, PK-deficiency and vaccinated against feline panleukopenie, cat flu, FeLV and rabies. Male matadors are tried to be avoided, where it is possible.
Our cats live with us as full family members and have full access to the house. They have 5 climbing trees and access to our garden (with a 2 m high wall and a wired fence on top). Kittens are raised as family members; living with all our other cats in the same surrounding. They are used to all kinds of noise and action. Cats from our household are not shown during the time when unvaccinated kittens are in the house.
Somalis enchant you not only with their elegant bodies, their outstanding intelligence or their exceptional look, but first of all with their open, pleasant and extremely friendly manner.

Please meet our Somalis on the following pages and have fun!