31.08.2016 - K-Litter

Harley has also born 2 Aby var. boys and 1 Somali girl. The ruddy Aby var boy died after a few days. His brother and sister can be viewed here. Inbreeding-Coefficent: 0.77%.


28.08.2016 - J-Litter

Another boy and girl from Vana joined us on Sunday. They can be viewed here. Inbreeding-Coefficent: 0.81%.


24.08.2016 - I-Litter

Hedy gave birth to 3 ruddy boys and 3 cinnamon girls. One of the boys inhaled amniotic fluid and died of an infection. The other five kittens can be viewed here. Inbreeding-Coefficent: 0.77%.


19.07.2015 - H-Litter

Jasmina gave us 4 girls and 1 boy. They can be viewed here. Inbreeding-Coefficient: 0,13%.


09.10.2013 - Aruba is champion

Aruba von Rankwald got her Champion title.




30.04.2015 - Momo is Regional Winner

ArunaGuban Geronimo earns a Regional Winner title in the Longhair category in the Europe-South region.


25.01.2015 - Momo is Quadruple Grandchampion

ArunaGuban Geronimo is a Quadruple Grandchampion now!


09.10.2013 - Vana Noel arrived

Another boost for our breeding from Scheriat-el-Kebir. We thank Eva and Irene for our little blue mouse Vana Noel.


23.09.2013 - arrived

Our breeding is reinforced by Jasmina of Oriental-Light. We thank Heimke and Andreas for this little, cuddly girl!


21.08.2013 - Gandhi is moving to his new home

Gandhi left to Denmark to join the Cattery Marica of Margith Hærslev


04.05.2013 - G-Litter

Early in the morning 3 little boys joined us. The heroes can be visited here.


15.06.2012 - Pink Floyd is moving to his new home

Our globetrotter Floyd left to Abu Dhabi with Moet as his travel companion. Both joined Tschumby, Linda and Tony to enrich their life. Have fun with your 3 Somalis!


21.12.2011 - Feliz Navidad in Pink

On Dezember the 20th our little fawn girl "French Rose" was born. Her fawn brother "Pink Floyd" wanted his own birthday that´s the reason he decided to enter the world on Dezember the 21st.


26.08.2011 - Elisha is moving to her new home

Elisha moved to Andrea, Lilo und Mala (Vienna). Have fun!


27.07.2011 - Etsuko is moving to his new home

Etsuko lives now in Pasching (Upper Austria). Have a great time together!


22.06.2011 - Suri is moving to her new home

Suri and Edith are living together now in Graz. All the best to both of you.


18.04.2011 - E-Litter

Today our blue kitten were born and can be visited here.


28.03.2011 - Suri is looking for a new home

Suri, a small, ruddy Somaligirl (3 years) is looking for a very special home with owners who like a playful, agile little girl. As only cat she would be the sunshine in her new home. After neutering she got mobbed by our other cats that is the reason why she would prefer an single cat home.

19.03.2011 - Piper is moving to her new home

Piper joins a Bengal girl near Graz.
All the best.


16.04.2010 - Lio and Phoebe moved to their new home

Phoebe and Lio moved to their new home.
All the best to their new owners.

15.03.2010 - Lio and Phoebe are looking together for a new home

Lio (1 year) and his companion Phoebe (1,5 years) are searching a new home.
It is a pity but we have to find a new home for our wonderful boy as he is constantly in trouble with our household cat Merlin.

Phoebe, a cute sorrel Somali girl, is his permanent companion in all situations.
Both have pedigrees and are vaccinated; dewormed and neutered. The new owners should appreciate active, human oriented cats, who like to cuddle a lot.

14.03.2010 - Lio is Quadruple Grand Champion Alter

Lio got ten finals in Liesing and he is now Quadruple Grand Champion Alter.


21.02.2010 - Calypso und Cosmos moved out

Calypso found her new home in Langenzersdorf (near Vienna), Cosmos in Munich with his Cousin Bakari.


17.01.2010 - Lio is Triple Grand Champion Alter

Lio got nine finals in Liesing and he is now Triple Grand Champion Alter.


14.11.2009 - C-litter

Today the astronomer's treasure box opened and the precious gemstones can be visited here.


14. - 18.10.2009 - Bashira, Bomani and Bakari moved out

Bashira found her new home in Vienna, Bakari in Munich and Bomani in North-Germany.
All the best to their new owners.

26.09.2009 - Lio is Champion

Lio got five finals in Baden and he is also Champion now.


07.07.2009 - Phoebe: Best Somali Kitten (EN) 2008/2009

Phoebe (Allunga) was BEST Somalikitten in Northern Europe in the Saison 2008-2009.


04.07.2009 - B-litter has landed

The fantastic four have arrived on "Independence Day" between 14:15 and 15:33!


11.06.2009 - Planned B-litter Summer 2009

Summer 2009
Segena's Uno Rosso x ArunaGuban Arsura


18.05.2009 - Lio arrived

After a long period of waiting, we got our new boy Lio (Ferox Ebullio Dilutus) from the cattery Ferox from the Netherlands.
Thanks Esther for the boy!


18.05.2009 - New design for our hompage

Finally our new homepage is online. It took many hours to bring it to this stage. We even got some englisch pages now. Some pages are still under construction. We'll try to finish this work in the next days.

Have fun with our new design.

15.05.2009 - Ida lives in a new home

Our princess Ida changed to her new home. She is living now with the Stoibers in Vienna. Unfortunately we had to rehome her, because of difficulties within our cat community.

We wish her all the best!


18.04.2009 - Phoebe is Champion

Phoebe got two finals in the Enns show and she is also Champion now.